Those who attended the Central City Mobility Open House last week probably learned about the University District Pedestrian Bicycle Bridge. Those who didn’t need to catch up, and I have the perfect place to do so. There’s now a ‘University District Pedestrian Bicycle Bridge Study’ blog, and it’s got all the info you need to know, including why the bridge is needed, a map of where it would be located, and different options for bridge design/style. Who would have thought there were so many styles of bridges?? Log on here and check them all out.

Now here’s something important; after you look all the bridge info over, please take the survey that’s on the front page of the blog at the bottom of the first paragraph. The survey asks for your preference of the two bridge options, what you like about each option, what issues or concerns you have with each option, and your preference for the bridge style. It’s important that you take this survey so that the folks at the City know your thoughts on this project.

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