This item caught my eye because we have been discussing possible ways to spruce up local ‘gateways’ into our area lately:

Committee picks giant seed for Moscow’s gateway art

MOSCOW – A 20-foot-tall seed made from compacted earth is recommended to be Moscow’s first free-standing work of public art.

The Wren Welcome Garden Selection Committee formally recommended the sculpture “Helio-Terra” Tuesday to the Moscow City Council. Artist Robert Horner’s design now awaits the approval of the council at its next scheduled meeting Jan. 3.

Hmmm… a giant seed. What to say about that? Guess I’ll reserve judgement on that for now. In the meantime, my boss has asked me to research some ‘cool stuff’ that other communities have done to beautify the entrances to their metropolitan areas. I’m digging around but if you have any ideas of what you’d like to see, let me know.

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