Okay, the shirt has a good home now so you can all stop rushing to like us. Or go ahead and do it, you can never have enough friends.

I can’t imagine why, but SRTC is a little light in the friends department on Facebook. Shocking I know, what with all this facinating content I crank out on a daily basis. Hey, it’s either do this or ‘real’ work, as the boss calls it. Think I’ll stick with this.

Anyway, we need friends and I’m not above ‘buying’ them, so the next person to like us on Facebook gets this t-shirt and key ring that says ‘Give ’em a break.’ C’mon, you know you want them. Start ‘liking’ already!

Oh yeah, I apologize for the sideways pic. It’s normal on my screen but shows up sideways on everyone else’s and I can’t seem to rectify the situation.

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