With gas prices inching up, you may be looking for the cheapest gas around. This gas price finder from MSN Autos can help. You just put in your city and state and it comes back with a list of the cheapest local stations all the way through the most expensive. Legal disclaimer: I’m not sure how often the site is updated. I typed in ‘Spokane, WA’ and the site says the Fred Meyer station on Thor street is the least expensive with gas at $3.18 per gallon for unleaded. Well, I got gas there Sunday evening, and even with my Fred Meyer club card discount, it was $3.25 per gallon for unleaded. I could be wrong, but I’m guessing prices haven’t gone down since then, since the national trend seems to be for prices to rise, not fall, right now. It’s fun to play with anyway though, gives you an idea who has less expensive prices on a regular basis.

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