Thanks to Paul Kropp for forwarding this item:

The Washington state-based online advocacy group ‘Fuse’ just released their ‘Sizzle Awards,’ identifying what state leaders are great, and who’s second rate, when it comes to progress.

According to their website, Fuse ‘works to provide a cutting edge online organizing and communications hub for Washington and ‘is focused primarily on securing major advances in progressive public policy for Washington State.’

Timm Ormsby is listed among the winners as a recipient of the ‘Mother Jones’ award but Mary Margaret Haugen and Judi Clibborn were given the not-so-prestigious ‘Wrong Way’ award and Governor Gregoire claimed the ‘Pushmi-Pullyu’ award.

You can check out more winners and losers, and what each award means, here.

Then let us know if you agree or disagree, or what awards you would give out given the chance.

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