The Washington State Department of Transportation sent out a reminder today to candidates and supporters to watch where they post political campaign signs: only traffic control signs are allowed in the right-of-way. Maintenance crews will remove all illegal roadside signs. The signs must also meet the following requirements:

•Temporary political campaign signs are limited to a maximum size of 32 square feet in area.
•Temporary political campaign signs must be removed within 10 days following the election.

It’s not always easy to know if a given location is within the boundaries of a state highway right-of-way, but there are clues in many locations:

•Utility poles are typically located inside the right-of-way. If a sign location is being considered between a utility pole and the roadway shoulder, it’s likely the sign will be removed.
•Many locations also have a fence line separating the right-of-way from private property. If a sign location is being considered on the roadway side of a right-of-way fence, it’s probable that the sign is in violation and will be removed.

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