I just housesat for some friends who went to Hawaii for a week, despite the husband’s anxiety over flying. I suggested he ‘self-medicate’ with something to decrease his anxiety but his argument was that he wants to be completely lucid  in case anything happens. Okay, I can grasp that. So I’m not sure whether I should suggest this course to him or if it would make him more nervous: British Airways is offering a Flight Safety Awareness Course for flyers; a modified version of the training flight crews go through after they’re hired.

Through the course, you’ll actually get to pull the inflaction cord on one of those airplane life vests, practice evacuating from a cabin filled with smoke and learn the correct position to assume if your plane starts distributing signs of ‘distress.’ Plus a lot more. And the best part? You get to jump down one of those inflatable emergency slides! Sign me up.

Plus you’ll learn the history behind a lot of small details you may have never thought about before. For instance, why are the lights dimmed during nighttime takeoffs and landings?  You’ll have to read this Seattle Times article to find out.

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