I’ve heard them all; the cries to fix the streets for drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians. But now someone wants the streets fixed for ice skating fans!

Letters to the editor
Fix streets for skating visitors

What a wonderful thing it is to get the skating championships here in Spokane. Yes, we did a great job the last time, but our streets were certainly in much better condition than they are now – or will be in another year and a half!

No matter what is done to “polish” up the city for all of the out-of-town and out-of-country visitors, one ride on one of our many deplorable streets will undo everything good that’s been done and leave a negative impression. They’ll be so busy dodging potholes that they’ll miss everything that’s so good about our city. That’s not the kind of international attention that we want – or need.

So, Mayor Verner, what is going to be your priority? Take a trip up Maple/Cedar to High Drive (or down), South Monroe, even Market Street, and see what out-of-towners will be forced to deal with as we residents do. I’m not talking about side streets, but almost every arterial in this fine city of ours. Where will our priorities be?

K. J. Merritt

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