The SRTC Board yesterday awarded an additional $469, 638 in stimulus funds for phase two of the City of Spokane’s Fish Lake Trail project. That money is in addition to $308,679 awarded the project in stimulus Enhancement funds by the Board last month, for a total of $778,317.

SRTC is responsible for allocating $10.4 million of stimulus money to local government agencies in Spokane County. In February, our Transportation Technical Committee recommended transportation projects to fund with that money from a list of previously-approved projects. At the end of the selection process, there was $469,638 left over; not enough to fund an entire project but enough to make an impact on a partially-funded project such as Fish Lake Trail.

The additional amount awarded to Fish Lake Trail means the City will be able to complete construction of phase two of the trail, a roughly $2 million project that includes paving 4.4 miles of trail, constructing a trail head, installing benches and safety components, and rehabilitating four existing former railroad bridges.

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