If you drive Evergreen Road between 16th and 32nd Avenue, plan to attend an Open House on Thursday, April 12 from 6:00-7:30pm at the Vera Water & Power Board Room. The Open House will give you a chance to learn about and discuss the planned reconstruction of the roadway planned for this summer.

The City of Spokane Valley is partnering with Vera Water & Power to make roadway improvements as part of a project to construct a water line along Evergreen Road. As part of this project, it may be necessary to remove privately installed fencing and landscaping in the public right of way.

Planned improvements include:

• Resurfacing Evergreen Rd with asphalt between 16th and 24th.
• Reconstructing Evergreen and pave with asphalt between 24th and 32nd, and along 32nd for about 600 feet east of Evergreen.
• Adding northbound left turn lane on Evergreen at intersection of 24th.
• Adding southbound left turn lanes on Evergreen at intersections of 24th and 32nd.
• Connecting existing sidewalks on the east side of Evergreen between 24th & 32nd.
• Adding 5-foot bike lanes on both sides of the roadway between 16th & 32nd.

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