In President Obama’s State of the Union speech last night, we heard a lot about working together to make things happen, new spending cuts, and increased outlays for education, mass transit and infrastructure. So speaking of mass transit and infrastructure, where do we stand as far as transportation?

A civil engineers group did their own ‘State of Transportation’ this week and gives the U.S. transportation system low grades. The American Society of Civil Engineers says we need to think about the condition of our bridges a lot more, an overhaul of the air travel infrastructure is needed, freight needs to be moved by rail more and trucks less, and access to public transit needs to be improved as half of all Americans have no access to commuter buses or trains.

Here’s more from CNN on the State of Transportation in the U.S. Or, if you’re more inclined, you can watch their broadcast on the subject. The commercial you’re forced to sit through to watch it is even kind of amusing.

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