Karl at Spokane Transit yesterday gave my co-worker Jeff and I a sneak peek at the new Spokane Valley/Liberty Lake routes that go into effect in September. Karl wouldn’t let us take notes or photographs so Jeff was responsible for memorizing one side of the page and me the other.

The #74 route to Spokane Valley and Liberty Lake will still run, but in addition to that, a new route will also get you to the same places, and some additional ones, just in a more roundabout way. Unfortunately, Jeff and I are getting older and losing brain cells, so all we really were able to absorb was that the existing 74 route is going to run more frequently during peak hours, therefore being much more efficient for people like me who use it to commute to work, and the new route (I can’t remember the number for it)will run much later, so if I want to have dinner after work or see a movie, I will no longer have to figure out how to get home afterwards.

While we’re losing the #72 route that goes directly to Liberty Lake, I’m not complaining because these new options look like they will work with my lifestyle, and probably a lot of other people’s, better than the old routes. Judge for yourself though, the new route information will be available on the STA website at the end of July. I’ll post a link when it becomes available of course.

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