Today’s Getting There column in the Spokesman-Review mentions an education campaign that will be rolled out in advance of this year’s construction season, due to a large amount of projects that will cause congestion in our area.

The article mentions that the Washington State Department of Transportation, the City of Spokane, the Downtown Spokane Partnership, Greater Spokane Incorporated and the Spokane Regional Convention and Visitors Bureau will all take part in putting together a website and maps to help drivers avoid construction areas. What the article DOESN’T mention is that SRTC is a major player in this as well. In fact, we’re doing the actual leg work. By that I mean myself and my GIS-guru Kevin and graphic design princess Jenny are actually MAKING the website and designing, laying out, editting and printing the map. So it’s SRTC money going into the effort. A little love here for the grunts behind the glamour please. Kevin and Jenny put a lot of time and effort into these projects so hopefully someone will notice the fabulous colors and precise locations of projects on the map.

Oh yeah, there’s a couple other things in today’s article too but I got fired up before I got there and didn’t finish reading it so you’ll have to look for yourself. And be looking for that website and map. I’ll let you know when and where they’ll be available.

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