Update: I was contacted by the Downtown Spokane Partnership (DSP) about the first article reference below. Understandably, they have some concerns about the statement attributed to Ann Deasy of the City of Spokane regarding avoiding downtown altogether during this time of construction. Turns out, Ann didn’t specify avoiding downtown in her interview, but said to avoid the construction area in general on the days cited for intersection closures.

The DSP wants to encourage you to patronize downtown businesses, especially during times like this when business may be slow due to construction. And Ann herself has an idea for how to help out: โ€œIf you have a favorite restaurant downtown in the work area, try to get there and support the business during the work.” You heard her. Get out there and eat some food. I keep hearing good things about Wild Sage so I’m going to head down ASAP. Will report back.

Here’s the original post:
For those of you that have been complaining about construction on Second Avenue in downtown Spokane, looks like conditions are going to get worse before they get better. Some major intersections will be closed today, tomorrow and Thursday for paving. City of Spokane Public Information Coordinator Ann Deasy actually said, โ€œI would suggest avoiding the downtown area entirely.โ€ Hmmm.. my office is downtown. Wonder if the boss would take this into consideration and let me stay home the rest of the week.

Here are details from the Spokesman-Review on which interesections will be closed and when.

And speaking of construction, the economic downturn hasn’t necessarily been a bad thing for projects in the City of Spokane. Several projects are being moved forward in order to take advantage of low construction prices stemming from the poor economy. Here’s more information on that story.

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