It’s my first Friday back after working 4-10s all summer. Not only am I super swamped with work and not all that excited about it, but I’m also low on blog content and don’t have time to dig for it. So I’m taking this opportunity to share a story my sister-in-law told me.

Julie was riding the East Sprague bus when a man got on and sat next to her. He wasn’t drop dead gorgeous but nothing to call home about either. Pretty normal looking except for a potbelly and a balding head.

He struck up a conversation by asking what she does for a living and she answered. She asked the same and here’s how the conversation went:

Bus passenger: I detail cars. And I’m a dancer.

Julie (she’s kinda naive. Probably shouldn’t even have asked): What kind of dancer?

Bus passenger: I dance for the ladies.

Julie: Ballroom dancing?

Bus passenger: No, I’m an exotic dancer.

Julie: awkward silence

Bus passenger (while running hands over his own chest): I like to take care of myself, keep myself in shape.

Julie: This is my stop!

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