The Spokane City Council voted last night to support a ‘complete streets’ resolution that will direct city workers to “identify the gaps” and locate “opportunities to supplement and fund” complete street plans.

That means bike lanes, improved sidewalks, and other transportation amenities will get a renewed focus in the city of Spokane.

Although it’s nonbinding, the plan triggered spirited debate at the Council meeting, with over a dozen people testifying and over an hour of discussion.

Councilman Jon Snyder introduced the measure. Council members Bob Apple and Nancy McLaughlin voted against the resolution, arguing they’re concerned about the cost.

SRTC has been working with a group of area agencies to educate local leaders on the complete streets concept. So far we have had a lot of receptive elected officials ask about it and there is a training session coming up for staff at area jurisdictions. We’ll keep you updated.

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