A customer gets her
Undriver License at
Earth Day last year.

You know what this weather is great for? Riding your bike. Whether to commute or just ride around the neighborhood. Don’t have a bike? Well, the Annual Spokane Bike Swap is tomorrow and SRTC will be there this year.

There will be thousands of new and used bikes and accessories at great prices to choose from as well as vendors of all kinds that have anything to do with bikes. SRTC is teaming up with the Spokane County Commute Trip Reduction Program, and the Spokane Clean Air Agency to bring the Undriver License to the Swap. Just stop by our booth, tell us how you pledge to drive less and walk, bike, skateboard or ride the bus more, and we will take your picture and give you your official license to undrive. It’s lots of fun and there are tons of props to have your picture taken with so come find us tomorrow!

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