The City of Spokane has upgraded the electric vehicle charging station at City Hall to allow for charging electric vehicles more quickly. The station has been upgraded to a “Stage II” unit that provides 208 volts and can charge an electric vehicle in half the time of the earlier 110-volt equipment.

The station is located in the parking lot just north of City Hall. It currently has one outlet, but later this year will be upgraded to two outlets allowing two vehicles to charge at the same time. The station is a partnership between the City and Avista. Avista provided the new equipment, and the City installed it.

In part, the City wanted to upgrade the station to accommodate two new vehicles that will be added to the City’s motor pool. To save money and resources, the City dramatically reduced its motor pool in 2010 and committed to an emphasis on alternative-fuel vehicles for the remaining motor pool vehicles. The City is expecting delivery of a Nissan Leaf this summer and a Chevrolet Volt by early 2012.

The station is also open for public use. Has anyone out there used it yet?

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