The City of Spokane last night pulled the trigger on creating a transportation benefit district. City Council members voted 5-2 to create a TBD, meaning the council will have the ability to enact a tax of up to $20 on your vehicle license tabs. They could ask for a higher tax as well but that would require a public vote.

The decision did not enact the tax, just cleared the way to do so. Hearing on enacting a proposed fee could be held as early as November.

While the money raised by the tax would have to be spent on street and transportation projects, the law allows the city to divert other revenue currently spent on streets.

SRTC is part of an effort to get a countywide TBD started. The City says it supports that effort, but doesn’t want to wait while the rest of the County decides if they’re in or not. They want to start collecting money sooner rather than later, considering the City’s financial shortfall. So for now, they’re going to move ahead with their own TBD and if a regional district is formed later, the City’s will likely be dissolved.

Do you think the City should have waited for the rest of the County to form a Transportation Benefit District or do you think they did the right/responsible thing?

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