The City of Spokane has called a ‘Stage 1 Snow Emergency,’ which requires cars to be moved from all arterials and STA fixed bus routes within six hours.

Under the City’s snow removal plan, officials can call for such an emergency when there is at least 2 inches of snow on the ground and four or more in the forecast. A Stage 1 Snow Emergency does not trigger plowing in residential areas.

All arterials and bus routes were plowed yesterday and City crews are working on them again now. They expect to finish this round of arterial plowing late today. After that they’ll tackle secondary arterials and fixed STA bus routes.

The City currently has more than 20 plows out. Night crew members were kept late, and morning staff was called in early to have 24-hour coverage during the current storm. You can follow the progress of the plows on the City’s website.

If you’re literally following a plow, don’t follow too closely and don’t try to pass them; as it’s VERY dangerous.

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