You can forget traffic school, traffic offenders in southwestern China can have their infractions dropped if they confess to their wrong-doings on social media- and get a set number of “likes.”
The South China Morning Post reports that scooter drivers in Dazhou, Sichuan province who commit minor offences can avoid a fine by publishing their “confessions” and apologies on social media sites like Facebook. Each confession has to get at least 20 likes in order to have fines dropped though. So far, ten offenders have opted for this program.

For instance, one post read “I was seized by traffic police when driving my scooter in the wrong direction at an intersection.”

Another said:

“I have learned it was wrong after education by the traffic police officer. I would like to remind internet users to learn from my lesson and not to think it was OK to commit mistakes when driving a scooter.”

Police officials say traffic violations by scooter drivers are rampant in Dazhou and fines and verbal warnings don’t seem to discourage them. They are hoping this tactic of self-exposure will bring more attention to safety.

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