You may look out the window today and see a winter wonderland, especially with the kids home from school to play in it, but I see a mess of traffic accidents waiting to happen. The drive really wasn’t very bad today though, and there are few days where it is terrible, but there are occasions when a handful of local people will put chains on their cars every winter. I live on a hill that turns into what I call a ‘death slide’ when it gets icy and can be challenging to get up even with four wheel drive. So I’m familiar with the process of putting chains on your vehicle. And it is NOT fun. Why do they fit so well one time then the next you can barely get them hooked? And sometimes getting them off is even harder.

There’s a new, much easier-to-install alternative though; the AutoSock. Just slip it over your tire like a giant shower cap pull forward a little and slip the rest of it on. It works like chains, but is much easier to install, and less hard on the road and your vehicle. It’s also legal for places, like on mountain passes, where chains are required. Here’s more on the AutoSock from the Yakima Herald.

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