Just got out of our ‘Exit Interview’ with the Federal folks for our Certification Planning Review. Every four years, Metropolitan Planning Organizations such as SRTC are required to go through a certification review with the Federal Highways Administration and Federal Transit Administration. We’ve been doing that this week and just got some preliminary results. A report will be typed up and submitted to us in approximately 30 days that includes some recommendations and possibly corrective actions, but in the meantime, here’s a little of what we heard today:

– SRTC needs to document our process for coordinating and consulting with area Native American Tribes.

– The process used to develop our Transportation Improvement Program needs some streamlining and cleaning up.

– The process of choosing members for the Transportation Advisory Committee needs some rethinking as TAC members currently choose additional TAC members.

– SRTC’s Memorandum of Understanding with other agencies needs to be updated.

– Need to develop a Memorandum or Understanding with our neighbors to the east, Kootenai Metropolitan Planning Organization and Idaho Transportation Department.

There were also some commendations:

– The SRTC Board was commended for initiating change in management of the agency.

– The Board was recongnized for its insight on commissioning the Transportation Vision Project.

– The Inland Pacific Hub was recognized as a project that involves the entire region and encourages discussion and input on transportation and freight movement.

– SRTC was commended for pursuing the HUD Sustainable Communities Planning Grant (which we’re working feverishly on this week)

– We’re doing a good job coordinating with Spokane Transit.

So there you go. When I get the official report, I’ll post it on our website and provide a link. In the meantime, any thoughts?

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