It’s the last day before the holiday so it’s quiet in your office and frankly, you’re not really motivated. Oh wait, that’s me I’m describing. Well anyway, here’s something work-related (if you’re in transportation, that is) and fun you can do: cast your votes for the 2011 Capitol Hill Round-Up: Streetsie Awards.

With questions like ‘Low Point of the Year (or, I Almost Threw in the Towel and Moved to Barbados When…),’Best Obama Plan That Died a Slow and Horrible Death This Year,’ and ‘Most Outrageous Attack on Cyclists and Pedestrian of 2011’ how can you NOT want to vote? And don’t worry, they provide multiple choice answers to choose from, so you don’t have to do a whole lot of thinking for yourself.

HREF=””>Here’s the link. Get to voting now.

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