Admit it, you’re a fair weather cyclist. Nothing to be ashamed of. Even some of the most hardcore riders won’t ride in the snow and rain, well, it just makes for a miserable day as you try to dry off and get warm following a bike ride to work or school in the rain. Plus it can be unsafe as poor visibility and slick roads can create safety hazards. Well, would you consider riding in the rain if the trip was faster?

The Netherlands is trying out a program to give cyclists green traffic lights faster when it’s raining. According to Springwise, sensors have been connected to traffic lights that detect when it’s raining. Traffic lights on bike lanes and paths there have dedicated phasing for bikes. On wet days, wait times for cyclists will be cut from three minutes to 40 seconds. So while drivers, dry inside their cars, have to compromise and wait a little longer, cyclists can get to their destination faster. 
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