The annual Bike to Work Week Commute Challenge is being conducted a little differently this year. In past years, participants who rode the most miles were rewarded for their efforts. It stands to reason though that the seasoned riders would win that contest, as they’re already riding long distances on a regular basis while new riders aren’t comfortable riding at that level yet.

And it’s those new riders that need the encouragement to become regular riders. So this year, the emphasis will be rewarding those who help others get started.

When you register for Bike to Work Week this year, you will be asked to identify your “helper,” which could be an individual, a team, or even an employer who might have provided support to get you started riding.

May (National Bike Month) starts on Sunday, so if you haven’t already registered, hurry up and do it! Here’s the link to Spokane Bikes, formerly Bike to Work Spokane.

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