Here’s an interesting end to Bike to Work Week: I’ve been talking with the bicyclist who was hit by a vehicle earlier this week. ‘Brice’ made a comment on the blog yesterday and when I asked him to tell us what happened, he said he wasn’t feeling up to getting beat up in a blog forum (I hope you’d all be respectful) so I’ve been emailing back and forth with him instead.

His post yesterday said he is glad to see a blog where people didn’t automatically blame the bicyclist, although Brice was ticketed for failing to yield to a pedestrian. Here’s what happened, according to both Brice and the police report diagram: Brice was heading south on Post on his bicycle. A pedestrian was crossing Post at the intersection with Cora. There was a vehicle stopped at the stop sign on Cora headed west. Brice didn’t see the pedestrian and continued through the intersection. The vehicle apparently thought Brice was going to yield to the pedestrian and proceeded through the intersection. Brice couldn’t stop in time and hit the car.

I wasn’t there or anything, but it seems to me the car should’ve waited at the stop sign until he saw for sure what the bicyclist was going to do.

Brice says he’s pretty banged up but thankful he’s not dead. Although he goes back and forth at being grateful and upset about what happened and how it played out. He says a witness at the scene said he was thrown about 30 feet, and had someone had a video camera ‘he’d of had a million hits on YouTube already.’

As soon as paramedics showed up, Brice was loaded onto an imoblization board and into an ambulance. He never gave a statement but a police officer came into the ambulance and issued him a ticket. I’m not sure what standard procedure is in cases like this. I’ve been in injury accidents in a vehicle before and both times the police either came to the hospital or to my home to talk to me about it, but didn’t do it at the scene.

The good news is that Brice is still eager to ride. He is a 25+ year avid cyclist and his only concern is that he will try to ride before he’s healed enough. The bad news (besides the injury and traffic ticket) is that before the accident, Brice was on his way to buy a last minute 25th anniversay gift for his wife. Obviously he never got it. But he’s alive, so that’s a big gift to his wife. Get better Brice, we’re glad another ‘ghost bike’ didn’t show up in this case.

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