Halloween is always a dangerous night for for the trick-or-treaters who are out walking the streets. But, this Halloween could be more dangerous for those children because it falls on a Friday night, which adds to the potential for encounters with drunken drivers. If you are planning to take the children out on a traditional trick-or-treating adventure. Please take extra care to make sure your trick-or-treaters are visible. The police will be out in force and participating in the festivities. Check out the Spokesman review story below:

Extra police presence planned for tonight

SPOKANE — Law enforcement agencies in Spokane County will be out in force tonight to help keep trick-or-treaters safe.

A program called Bringing Area Trick-or-Treaters Safety puts Spokane police, county deputies and state troopers in neighborhoods to make sure motorists obey traffic laws, especially when pedestrians are present, said Spokane County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Dave Reagan.

Police also will hand out candy, glow sticks, necklaces and bracelets. Trick-or-treaters will be invited to sit in patrol cars. There’s a chance those patrol cars will be needed as shelter: The National Weather Service said there’s a 20 percent likelihood of rain tonight.

Otherwise, the weather should be appropriate for the holiday. Dark, cloudy skies and a breeze to toss fallen leaves just enough so they’ll sound like scuffling shoes.

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