Argonne Road, between Knox and Trent, is scheduled for a construction project this summer to improve the road and you’re invited to an open house to learn about the project.

The open house is Wednesday, Mar. 7 from 5:30-7:00 p.m. at Spokane Valley High School, 2011 N. Hutchinson Road.

The project includes:

 Signal replacement at Argonne/Knox
 Improving all corners at Argonne/Knox for easier/safer turns
 Upgrading curb ramps at Argonne/Knox and Argonne/Montgomery to new ADA standards
 Relocating signal pole at northeast intersection of Argonne/Montgomery
 Adding right turn lane from Argonne northbound onto Montgomery
 Installing traffic cameras for link to Spokane Regional Traffic Management Center(Note: This is not a red light camera.)

Your input, questions, and ideas will help Spokane Valley staff plan for minimizing construction impacts.

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