Despite the slush and wet roads, the going was pretty easy this morning getting to work. I had no problems and the freeway was wide open until just past the Sprague exit heading westbound. Things slowed down significantly then, due to an oversize semi that collided with an overpass near Regal Street. The only overpass I can think of near there is the pedestrian bridge, or ‘catwalk,’ as we used to call it back in the day when I attended Libby Junior High School near there.

The truck apparently didn’t get stuck though, as I saw it sitting on the shoulder, surrounded by state troppers, near the Hamilton Street exit.

Things were apparently a little more scary last night on the roads, although I drove home around 10:00 and the thermometer in my car said 37 degrees. Apparently there were some areas of black ice though, which caused a four car accident in Post Falls, killing two people. Here’s the story.

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