I just received updates from the City of Spokane, Spokane County and the Washington State Department of Transportation on the snow situation. Here’s the County’s latest:

Last night’s snow and wind caused 8-10 foot drifts in parts of southern Spokane County. Fortunately, the snow’s powdery consistency made it relatively easy for road crews to plow. This afternoon, crews are working 12 hours shifts to clear more than 2,500 miles of road with approximately 80 pieces of equipment. Crews have finished primary arterials and are making progress on secondary roads and hills. With more snow in the forecast this week, they will have to return to plowing primary arterials, etc. and it may take several days before all of the residential areas are cleared.

Crews are working with plows, sanding trucks and graders – but current temperatures are too cold for liquid de-icer to be effective. Granular de-icer is being combined with sand and applied in high-volume intersections.

The public can assist snow removal efforts by moving cars off of streets and roads.

And the City’s:

City crews have made great progress today, and the City expects to have Stage 1 Snow Emergency lifted overnight after crews complete the full plow of the arterials and bus routes.

And WSDOT’s:

Although WSDOT crews are out in force clearing roadways, they cannot be everywhere at once and there are some roadways with compact snow and ice. Drivers should be prepared, carry chains, slow down and schedule extra time to reach your destination safely. Slow down when approaching intersections, off-ramps, bridges or shady spots. These all have potential to develop black ice that makes driving hazardous.

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