If you haven’t encountered them already, your next trip downtown may bring you in contact with 98 new ‘smart’ parking meters. They were installed last week to evaluate new technologies to make paying for on-street parking more convenient. The smart meters accept credit cards along with coins to pay for parking. They are solar powered, and appear “dead” until pay parking times begin.

The meters are located on the east side of Post St. near Riverfront Park, on Spokane Falls Blvd. between Howard and Wall streets, on Howard St. between Spokane Falls Blvd. and First Ave., on Main Ave. between Stevens and Howard streets, and First Ave. between Howard and Wall streets.

The individual smart meters are in addition to multi-space parking pay stations that were installed in September primarily near River Park Square. Both parking pay options are part of a six-month pilot to assess the technologies and determine the best way to roll out this or similar technology within the City.

Once the pilot is complete, the City will evaluate the various technologies and determine where it makes sense to install smart meters. Areas with greater parking turnover will get the new technology first.

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