DEADLINE – Application packages are due by 4:00 pm on Friday, 04/14/23. Applications can be emailed to or mailed to 421 W Riverside Ave St 500, Spokane WA 99201. Email is preferred. 

On 2/9/23 the SRTC Board approved the following Principles of Investment

1. Limit project applications to include grind and overlays, chip seals and other sealant projects;

2. Limit individual project awards not to exceed $1.5 million

3. Limit any one jurisdiction total awards not to exceed $3 million

  • As part of the 2024-2026 Call for Projects, the SRTC Board of Directors set aside $9.2 million of Surface Transportation Block Grants (STBG) funds in order to fund capital maintenance and preservation projects to obligate in 2024-2026.
  • This set aside funding allows member agencies to use actual pavement conditions rather than predicted pavement conditions to determine which projects best qualify for preservation funding.
  • Federal and state funding requirements ensure that rural and urban small areas are distributed a portion of the awards. The rural funding for Waverly, Latah, Fairfield, Rockford, Spangle and portions of Spokane County outside of the urbanized area is allocated a minimum award totaling $1,104,000. The City of Cheney is Spokane County’s only urban small jurisdictions and is allocated a minimum award totaling $184,000 of the $9.2 million available.

STBG Allocation Splits 2024-2026
Urban (73%)  $ 6,716,000
Urban Small (Cheney) (2%)  $    184,000
Rural/Small Towns (12%)  $ 1,104,000
Flexible (13%)  $ 1,196,000
Total  $ 9,200,000

For questions or more information contact:
KYLEE JONES, Associate Transportation Planner III 
or 509.343.6370

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