2023 Unified List of Regional Transportation Priorities

Approved by the SRTC Board 12.9.22

The Unified List of Regional Transportation Priorities (Unified List) is a communications tool used to inform state legislators and federal congressional members of current regional priorities with the intent to strategically position projects and requests for future funding opportunities. SRTC’s Board of Directors approved the Unified List of 12.9.2022. SRTC is committed to updating the Unified List each year.

2023 Unified List Project Submission and Evaluation
The project submission period for 2023 Unified List consideration began on 09/12/2022. Projects considered for inclusion in the 2023 Unified List were submitted by SRTC member agencies, came from their agency legislative agendas, and were linked to regional importance.

Unified List Mapping Tool
Select HERE to access the Unified List Mapping Tool.

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