How many times have you heard someone say that they like to sit in traffic jams and construction zones? Never. That’s why we created the Spokane Regional Road Construction Map to help drivers, bicyclists, pedestrians, transit users and people who just like to get to places navigate the many road construction projects that will pop up around the region this road construction season.

Each year, we partner with jurisdictions in Spokane County to put all construction projects that impact traffic on one map. This countywide map helps prevent delays caused by road construction, because being stuck in traffic costs us all time and money. And blood pressure increases.

The map can be viewed on all devices- smartphones, tablets or good old fashioned computers. You can zoom in on your neighborhood or commute route to see what construction could potentially slow you down. There are also project descriptions included and links to more project information.

The Regional Road Construction Map will be updated weekly to show when projects are completed or new ones start. Projects are removed from the  map as they are wrapped up.

By reducing the number of vehicles delayed by road construction, the amount of pollution from emissions is also reduced, safety is increased through awareness of construction zones, and the impact on the economy caused by time wasted in traffic is lessened. Plus we each retain a bit more sanity by avoiding traffic jams. ArcGIS Online maps provide more information than traditional maps by letting users access additional project information through links to other websites and embed maps in emails and social media posts.

View the 2017 Spokane Regional Road Construction Map here and see what projects are scheduled for your neighborhood. You can also view and experiment with additional maps on the SRTC ArcGIS Online home page here.  

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