Okay, I’m not going to lie- sometimes things take a while to happen in government. That’s because there’s a lot of process that goes on behind the scenes to make sure proposals, projects, studies, etc. are conducted correctly, public input is gathered, and a study is conducted, if necessary, to make sure the proposal is the right thing to do. So sometimes it seems things could move a little faster. And sometimes you don’t realize how much has happened until someone points it out to you. That was the case with me, anyway, before I read Spokane City Councilmember Jon Snyder’s most recent blog update- which is a recap of all he and his office and partners accomplished or were involved in in 2011. And a lot of them were in the area of transportation! That includes the passage of a Complete Streets ordinance, implementation of the Traffic Benefit District and several other transportation-related issues.

Here’s the list if you would like to see what your elected official has been up to.

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